Real Time Visitor Tracking System

UROSECURE Innovation Offers What we provide !


UROSECURE, smartly overcomes the typical mental block of adoption of technology by ensuring a seamless & smooth process of operation. ETPL team has packaged the solution concisely to ensure trouble free performance every time.


Who has visited? Whom has he/she visited? Purpose of the visit & when has he/she left? UROSECURE solution answer these four key questions to “Enhances Security” of a premises. UROSECURE acts as a strong deterrent to any trespasser with wrong intensions.


UROSECURE is a 1st ever SaaS based “Security Enhancement” Platform in the security domain to render the core benefits of SaaS, such as Easy to Deploy, Most Affordable, Most Available, Negligible Downtime. UROSECURE provides “State of Art” security infrastructure to ensure that the security is never compromised.

All at the price of a cup of coffee.  

Urosecure Special ModulesA better way to welcome visitors & enhance security

Visitor Module

Visitor's are always welcome. Our "Athithi Devo Bhava" culture has taught all of us this. However, it is as a Visitor that people with not so good intent enter our premises to possibly create disturbance to the security.

It is, therefore, mandatory to identify the Visitor through a smooth process, more so, when you are away from your place (School, Office, Home, RWA, Factory). Urosecure will do it for you and will enhance the security, wherever you are in the world.

Urosecure all modules

Urosecure vip visitor module    VIP Visitor Module

Hey, you have a very special one to visit you and you want us to give him/her smooth and warm welcome. Just don't worry , UROSECURE ensures a smooth & personalised process for the VIP visitors.

Urosecure vip visitor module

Parent Module

Specially designed for parent visit to the school. Now,there would be no more hindrance to meet your ward during school time. Just a few seconds and you are done. No need of form filling or calling anyone to get easy access. UROSECURE will do all for you very securely and enhance the security of your ward in the school.

Urosecure parent module

Attendance Module

Guards are sleeping at night? Domestic help has arrived in the building or not? what time my car/bus driver left the building? You will be well informed without a single call.

Urosecure attendance module

Time to Go ( Exit ) Module

Your visitor is still moving around in your premise without your permission! That is a possible security threat sometime. UROSECURE ensures that ( after delivering Pizza ) the visitor leaves the premise within the stipulated time.

Urosecure exit or time to go module

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Do more with the USOP PassportInstant notifications alert with Mobile App / Chrome Extensions

  • Urosecure notification sms
  • Urosecure allow / deny application
  • Urosecure allow / deny chrome extension

Automatic, robust host notifications

Think about what it feels like when you visit an office for a meeting. You walk in and head to the front desk where you are greeted by the receptionist. They ask why you’re visiting, or whom you are meeting, and that’s it—the conversation ends because they need to contact your host. Or, they might even have to get up from their desk and leave you alone in the lobby.

  • Instant host notifications.
  • Real-time pic in host notifications.
  • Custom host notification text.
  • Rich, detailed visitor information
Our user says : USOP Passport feature are really very helpful because they are real-time with every detail.  

Urosecure Cloud panel DashboardIt's real-time & also manage Anywhere Anytime Anydevice


Get a live view of real time visitor movement at your premises with the Urosecure Dashboard - Simple and Secure. And also manage multiple UroGuard devices on one dashboard. It's super friendly user inferface provides you the best experience with a pie-chart graph and many more features.

  • Real-Time Update & Alerts
  • Manage Whom to Meet (WTM) / other details
  • Visitor & Attendance list export feature
  • Advance add VIP visitor details
  • You can take printout of visitor details
  • Data saved for long term
  • Urosecure dashboard for all devices
  • Urosecure dashboard

If You Have a Place Where People Visit Everyday Please Ask These Pertinent Questions To Yourself !

HOW IT WORKS Yep, It works every time & all the time

Visitor arrives

Visitor arrives

Fills his/her details

Fills his/her details

Submits the information

Submits the information

Host receives visitor's details

Host receives visitor's details...

Host can allow or deny visitor's via USOP-Pasport

Host can allow or deny visitor's via USOP-Pasport

Visitor receives SMS

Visitor receives SMS...

Electronic Visitor Management

For Whom Everywhere security is always a priority

  • Cloud panel

    Ur Security
    Our Priority

    Security has become a matter of great concern for every individual today. Visitor Management System is one of the very important aspects of security management. Though it appears to be a very straight forward operation, but it is really complex since it has to be reliable without doubt. Either at home or office, trouble makers come as visitors only. It is imperative for a security solution to act as a deterrent to the trespassers. Hence managing visitor becomes very important, to enhance security in our personal and professional life. UROSECURE assures to make an “unknown” visitor’s identity known to you, which creates a strong deterrence and the desired "Peace of Mind".

  • Urosecure for schools


    Children spend more time at school than anywhere else, other than their own home. At school children need a secure, positive, and comfortable environment to help them learn. Schools should be the safest places. However, some schools have problem in terms of unattended visitors, contract staff and unknown parents etc. Now, think of a situation someone is in the school and no one knows who is he and what is his purpose? It is needless to say that security enhancement in the schools is mandatory for the sake of our Kids. UROSECURE meant to enhance security, is a “must have” for schools.

  • Urosecure for offices


    In most offices and factories, security is an outsourced activity. It is desirable to spruce up the process such that there is active, yet less time consuming, involvement of people with responsibility within the office to be involved in approving their own visitors. This is one of the security enhancing measure that can ensure you know everyone who is coming and going out of the building. For a busy office environment, a secured & automated process is needed to ensure sustained security. UROSECURE adds many such features to the visitor management process that adds-on to enhance security.

  • Urosecure for societies


    Outsourced security process in most Housing Societies and the need for many visitors entering the society for Delivery, Cleaning, Repairs etc. makes it vulnerable to “un-solicited” elements. Intercom approvals do not provide substantial evidence to pin point accountability. UROSECURE ensures clarity and reliability of information that will ensure “Peace of Mind Living” within housing societies.

ABOUT USAll about our passion.

About US:

Europa Technosoft Pvt. Ltd. (ETPL) has been focusing its resources to solve real time problems of the society with technological innovation. The increasing concerns for security in day-to-day life in Schools, Colleges, Offices, Housing Societies caught ETPL attention. With innovation in its DNA, the team at ETPL resolved the concern with a “Security Enhancing Solution” by launching "UROSECURE" services in the year 2013.

The icing in the tech-innovation of 2013 is the ease of use and affordability in spite of it being an advanced technological solution-UROSECURE. UROSECURE has leveraged technology smartly, giving its users the much needed “Peace Of Mind”. By disrupting the mundane Visitor Management processes, UROSECURE has given a wakeup call to all, to spruce up the security.


  • To solve as many real life problems with Tech-Innovation that is affordable to as many.  
  • For providing user-friendly experience, our team uses the best of technology to deliver the best of products.  

The TeamETPL Team is ready with next in line solution for more in the security enhancement domain.

  • Urosecure team - Prabind kr singh

    Prabind Kr Singh

    Co-Founder & Managing Director

  • Urosecure team - s. gopalakrishnan

    S. Gopalakrishnan

    Co-Founder & Director

  • Urosecure team - shailendra nirmal

    Shailendra Nirmal

    Experienced Director

  • Urosecure team - vineeta singh

    Vineeta Singh

    Operations Manager

  • Urosecure team - ravi kumar

    Ravi Kumar

  • Urosecure team - arun kumar

    Arun Kumar

  • Urosecure team - amarjeet singh

    Amarjeet Singh

  • Urosecure team - bharat modi

    Bharat Modi

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  • Aug-2018: Europa Technosoft: Equipping Businesses with an Enhanced Cloud Security Architecture...
  • Sep-2018: Europa Technosoft Pvt Ltd.: Providing An Edge To Forward-Looking Education Societies And Corporate With Its Cemented Technological Dexterity- UROSECURE...
  • Oct-2017: Pitch of "Security Enhancement" has reached to the ears of Government of India and UROSECURE has been called by various department for the same. UROSECURE marks its presence in Government of India 'NCERT'.
  • Jan-2017: One small accident in a known school in Delhi & NCR further escalates security concerns and makes UROSECURE heard our pitch " Security is required for our future generation" Many schools in GZB and NCR started getting UROSECURE security in their respective Institutions.
  • Oct-2016: UROSECURE reaches to South India market with a bang. The top notch institution of the area PSBB school chain adopted UROSECURE to counter increasing security needs in the schools.
  • Mar-2016: UROSECURE gets acceptance with top MNCs in India like Vodafone, SIS security, COWI India. Since then they are using UROSECURE services very happily and also helping us to reach out to more in the corporate segment.
  • Jun-2015: UROSECURE launched new version to cover security Guards under the security ring of UROSECURE. Factories start UROSECURE services such as Everest.
  • Mar-2015: UROSECURE sees the light at other territories like Dehradun, Moradabad, Agra, Assam. People have started talking about "Security Enhancing" feature and its importance and the way UROSECURE is achieving the goal with absolute ease. Strong & positive "word of mouth" keeps the sales team on its toes.
  • Nov-2014: ETPL launched the Notification network grid to render information to UROSECURE users in almost no time ,and rolled out the services at no cost to its users.
  • Apr-2014: UROSECURE starts to spread its secuirity ring to provide security cover to many schools in the area such as, MRV International, DPS-Ambala, MountAbu Public school.
  • Dec-2013: UROSECURE launched the beta release to Enhance Security at Bharti Public School(Delhi) and Sheen India Export House (Noida). The team ETPL is very excited, the way security personnel responded at the premises.
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